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DIY Video Projector (last updated 05/20/02 10:45:19 PM)

I am no longer updating this page, so some (many) of these links may be obsolete. I am busy with graduate school and no longer have the resources or time (the most valuble resource!) to continue my DIY projector. For what it is worth, I am happy with an Nview Spectra C and an old Bell&Howell OHP with the 600w DYS bulb. Less than ideal, but it works! Good luck with your projects. 10/28/03

This is a collection of links that I have used when searching the internet for parts or information on building my own LCD based video projector. This is just a small portion of what is really out there, so you will probably need to use a search engine to find what you are really looking for. I used to find most of the pages listed here. Some were contributed by other project members or from other project pages (thanks!).

I would especially like to thank everybody at the DIY Video Projector thread started by Vince (vdi_nenna) and the greenspun board. These threads have been the most valuable source of information I have found.

I tried to group these links into meaningful groupings, but some may seem irrelevant or redundant. My apologies. Hopefully you can make use of them. If you notice any broken links, have some link suggestions, questions or comments, please send me an email. I check it every now and then :)

Since there are so many ways of constructing these projectors, it's difficult to provide instructions. However, a few things remain constant:

1. A light source (ideal=high lumens, low heat, 5000-7000k, but compromises are far)
2. A transmissive LCD or Overhead Projector LCD panel (ideal=TFT, high resolution, proper input options/controller)
3. A focusing system (this could be a fresnel lens(es), a projection lens asssembly, or any combination of the two)
4. A screen to project an image onto. This could be a wall, a DIY screen, or a commercial model (like Dalite)
You could also use an overhead projector and an LCD panel made for use with it. Some people are searching for a replacement for the short-lived bulbs in these projectors. Recently, some people have experimented with using modified LCD monitors in the 14" or 15" size for use with an overhead projector. While this approach is more expensive and difficult than others, it does have a great deal of potential in producing a very high resolution image (XGA or maybe better). Some are attempting CRT projectors, but that is beyond the scope of my knowledge and this website.

Also, many people have made "low-cost" a goal for this project, myself included. After all, if money was no object, I would just buy a commercial projector...and what would be the fun in that?

Here are the links:

Project Pages's DIY Video Projector Forum
LCD PROJECTOR (HOME MADE) aka The Greenspun Board New!
A Screenshot from jjasniewm New!
DIY LCD Projector
Yahoo! Groups lcdprojector Messages 1-25 of 25
Good drawing of a DIY projector
HDTV Screen – High Quality and Very Low Cost - AVS Forum New! A good idea for a DIY screen


1-4-5 LCD Video Projector
Great info on LCD panels and signal handling (pdf file)
Polarization Recycling for Lighting LCDs More Efficiently
Tecdis - Product Range
World of LCDs
LCD Frequently Asked Questions
Edmund Optics Technical Support
Acads 1

LCD Sources

Inventory Solutions New! A good source for surplus OHP panels. Ask for Bob Buchanan...very helpful.
Playstation LCD
Earth Computer Technologies' Home Page
Lik Sang Finest video game accessories for your console
Car Stereo Pro Group Legacy LSC5
lcd listing W_QTY
Car Stereo Catalog Page
Surplus Electronics and Computer Parts
Catalog Page Display
Color TFT Monitors
Car Stereo Mobile Video
Impee3 Car Player - List of LCDs
HSC Electronic Supply - Home Page
Glynn Electronics
Timeline, Inc.

Signal conversion and drivers

Video chips and circuits
Yahoo! Search Results for Scan Converter Homepage
Video circuits
VGA to TV converter page
TV Tuner Plays On PC VGA Monitor
Cheese Video Box 
Cable kits - Quadrangle Products

LCD Manufacturer

Crystaloid Products - TFT Color Display Modules
LCD Modules
Purdy Electronics designer-manufacturer of LCDs, LEDs, fans and blowers
eeSource Directory

Lenses and Mirrors

Mirrors - Cold Mirrors
Edmund Optics
Optical Test & Inspection Equipment
Office Depot Online - Product SKU Level
Surplus Shed
American Science & Surplus

Lighting sources

Metal halide lighting for $100 (a DIY project) New!
B&Q - E Tailers etailers list
Sportlite Products - MX Series
Incredible Stuff at Unbelievable Prices American Science & Surplus Forums - More power out of your NO lights.

General Parts Sources

Goldmine Home Page
Parts Express Home
All Electronics Corp.
Items matching ( projection panel ) Ebay search